The Benefits of Keeping Your Air Purifier On All Day

As an expert in the field of air purification, I have encountered many misconceptions and questions about the proper usage of air purifiers. One of the most common questions I receive is whether it is okay to leave an air purifier on all the time. Many people believe that turning it off at night or when they are not at home is a logical energy-saving measure. However, after years of research and experience, I can confidently say that it is actually recommended to keep your air purifier running constantly. Some air purifiers have the function of releasing ozone and increasing humidity.

While this may seem like a beneficial feature, it requires special attention. Running an air purifier 24 hours a day can cause the ozone concentration inside your home to exceed safe levels. Additionally, the humidifier head can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria if left running constantly. Therefore, I do not recommend leaving your air purifier on all day or running it around the clock. To ensure the safety and effectiveness of your air purifier, it is important to identify if ozone is being produced.

You can do this by checking for any unusual odors in the air vent after letting it run for a period of time. For optimal performance, all air purifiers must operate continuously. When an air purifier is turned off, indoor air pollution returns to its original state. This means that any progress made in improving your indoor air quality will be reversed once the purifier is turned off. By keeping your air purifier running constantly, you can maintain high air quality in your home at all times.

Eelco van den Wal
Eelco van den Wal

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